We're a skilled machining professional

Get to know our company.

Jussi Louko Oy is a highly skilled metal industry company, specialized in chipping machining, and has customers mainly in the field of technology. Our production chain and supplier network bring extended know-how and readiness to serve our customers better.

The company has strong traditions in production. The background of our knowledge stretches back to the 1970’s.


The company manufactures machining products as well as components in a customer-oriented way. The modern and versatile machining tools together with skilled and dedicated staff have given us a possibility to accomplish our mission.

Jussi Louko Oy has its own modern premises in Jyväskylä, Finland. The company employs about ten people.

Business idea and resources

Our main idea is to offer comprehensive machining services with the following resources:

  • Modern machining tools
  • Professional and skilled staff
  • Customer-oriented action
  • Partnerships.

With the aforementioned we are committed to continue delivering our partners with good customer experience, extreme flexibility, and quality.