Our company is certified by DNV according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Contact information

+358 20 7121 300

Postal address

Jussi Louko Oy
Yritystie 4


Capabilities - a competitive advantage

Jussi Louko Oy serves customers by offering machining services and solutions. Our capabilities are based on comprehensive planning and production process management. With this, we offer the customer cost-effective solutions swiftly and certainly.

Core-competencies consist of the following factors:

  • Professional and committed staff

  • Comprehensive machining production process management

  • Service and solutions orientated

  • Quality, speed and reliability


Jussi Louko Oy's capabilities are based on serving customers comprehensively in the machining services as well as in machining solution areas.

Business activities

Our activities concentrate on customers who operate in technology industry fields. With our customers, we aim towards cost-effective, long-term and developing collaboration.

Customer orientation is a key issue to us. With the help of our partners and network, we are able to offer wide-ranging service and at the same time we can concentrate on our core-competencies.


Our business base is made up of the following factors:

  • Customer orientation

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Partners and networks

  • Segmentation

Values as a base for operation

Values direct every individual staff member as well as they direct the whole company.


Commitment to satisfy the needs of customers is the basis of our operations. Customers are important to us and we want to serve them profitably with an added value.

Customer satisfaction

We want to maintain a high quality customer satisfaction, which includes the understanding of customers needs and to achieve them in an acceptable and good way.


We want to commit to serve our customers with a long-term and reliable collaboration. We also appreciate the commitment in the company's internal environment.


Responsible thinking for business results is one of our central basis. Through our high-quality services, we want to work together with our customers towards successful business.

In Jussi Louko Oy, every employee is responsible for their business results to the company and customers.


Renewal includes one's own development of their skills and readiness to react to the changes of the customer. We also hold in high value that each one of company's employees develops in their own area and operates in a flexible way in an ever-changing environment.